Alexandra Vickers – My Story

Alexandra Vickers Owner One Liner Merch

About Me

Hi, I’m Alexandra Vickers and I’m that friend, you know the one that’s always doodling and collecting sassy sayings and quirky one liners?  Well I’m THAT friend, I’m sure you have one of those too…?!

Now, I’d like to share those doodles, sayings and one liners with you on clothing and other items that not only make fabulous gifts but can also double as conversation starters 

My Mission

As children and teens our probability of success is most often measured by our grades. I believe this is a very poor measure. Instead I would like to use readily available knowledge and skills to successfully grow the kind of business that requires limited financial investment and talent just loads of commitment and desire.

Once my business is consistently profitable and my success measurable, I’d like to teach and encourage my peers to not allow grades to limit the possibilities for their futures but to be courageous enough to step out and create their own futures.

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My Journey

Let’s see, the most important things about me:

  • I was born Nov ’02, still pretty young
  • I’m home schooled.  I believe this is what’s given me the confidence to think and live outside the box
  • My parents are both entrepreneurs so I’ve seen the commitment and sacrifice required to build a business from scratch
  • I’m a singer and would love to pursue a career in acting